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Tektite ~ Protection Amulets

Space Poop

When space takes a dump on the earth, it leaves behind valuable wards. Every adventurer needs their wards. Tektite simultaneously attracts and repels what some people call “entities” – which are simply the ghosts of aliens, 6th density beings.

Entities are attracted to tektite like moths to light because it holds a frequency they’re familiar with, yet it’s protective properties make tektite more like a bug zapper. Therefore, tektite is great for those who desire basic protection from entities, or for the clinician/healer who specializes in removing and transmuting these types of energies.



This is a piece of cosmic poo, for when the cosmos take a shit on your adventure 🙂

The copper spiral around these tektite pieces allows for the energy field of protection to span even farther in radius. For the wearer of this protection amulet, it will keep entities far away, or when they do enter your field, (on yourself or on other people) you will notice the person with the entity attached to them become increasingly uncomfortable in your presence. This discomfort is a result of the push pull between the entity and the tektite, amplified (so that you can see it) by the presence of copper.

Tektite Varieties

Type #1 ~ Black Tektite
A relatively abundant tektite, formed when a meteorite hits the ground and fuses with the minerals that are already present in that spot.

Type #2 ~ RARE Darwinite (also known as Darwin Glass)
A rare and super unique tektite from Tasmanian, thought to have been created by a meteor hitting close to Mt Darwin.

COLOMBIANITE PENDANT ~ Alien Communication Tektites

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Copper spirals through the universe within.

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