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Hair Sticks w/ crystals

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Brand: Earth Magick Copper Crowns (E=mc^2)
A B O U T ~ T H I S ~ P R O D U C T
*krrrzzshht* *khzssst*
Messages fly through space and time right now. Do you hear them?
Are your downloads frequent and clear?
The ancient wizards used staffs with copper and crystals at the top to increase their communication with God. An actual antenna to God!!
Fill your crown chakra gear slot with one of these hair sticks, and feel the rain of Divine Knowing throughout the day.
How open are you to receiving messages? What aspects go into being able to receive clear messages from God – The Universe – Source – Spirit?

L I B Y A N ~ D E S E R T ~ G L A S S
Its unique metaphysical attributes are:
~SKILLS~ Amplifies the one psychic ability you choose to work on at a particular moment.
~PRACTICES~ I choose to hone each of the superpowers within myself. I learn the subtle differences between them all. This allows me to wield great power with intention and harmony.
~PERSPECTIVE~ Each psychic ability exists within me, at all times.
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