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History points to the realization that those who we think of as Ancient Egyptians (the society who built the pyramids), were most likely the long lost civilization of Atlantis.

The Atlanteans were the society of the divine masculine, holding the secrets to the magic of science, math, and structure. They were the masters of friction and powered the world with free energy. 

Sunken cities border the coastline, which one was ancient Lemuria? There is much debate about this. Regardless of their land origination, descendants of these cyberpunk mermaids are among us.  

The Lemurians were the society of the divine feminine, holding the secrets to the magic of emotion, love, and unity. They were the masters of adaptivity and kept people together through times of change. 

The Pleiades are a group of more than 800 stars located in the constellation of Taurus. 

Some believe that the group communicating to humans with messages of love, support and guidance for planetary ascension known as the Pleadians, may actually dwell within inner earth and use the name to divert attention to their true location. Therefore, they are Earth Aliens as well!



Have you ever wondered how to leave the simulated world and enter into the real world? Is there a "real world" behind the illusion? What if there is, and it's just not tangible like in the movies? Read this blog if you're curious on how to exit the simulation.


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Have you ever wondered why your super power only works sometimes and then sometimes it doesn't work at all? That's because there's multiple phases to psychic abilities and each time we reach a new phase, it's almost like starting from the beginning again, only (don't worry) it will never be the beginning again. Each time we hit the next phase of our psychic abilities, we hit a wall and may worry that we've lost our abilities completely. This blog shares the 3 circular steps to identifying the wall, seeing past the wall, and then creating tangible action steps to climb the wall.