Explore Yourself

as a SYSTEM e-course

The 3 Circular Steps to Mastering Your Psychic Abilities
The course that teaches how to go from lost and confused about your superpower
to having a tangible action plan to wielding your psychic gifts with ease.

Imagine waking up everyday and 

Knowing your purpose here on Earth.

(Sounds like the life, right?)

That’s what can happen when you start thinking about yourself as a system.

I’ve, first hand, woken up to feeling confident and powerful in my psychic abilities.

Systems Thinking is when you look at all the interconnected pieces that make up you and your life.

In the ancient times of Atlantis and Lemuria, this was common practice. 

It’s the way I have identified and activated my psychic abilities as a Telepathic Time Traveler and it’s probably also how all of your favorite Bloggers, Podcasters, Instagrammers, Pinteresters, YouTubers and TikTokers have done so too. 

It’s a paradigm shift that allows us to transform our lives without destroying ourselves. It’s the very first way I learned how to explore myself. 

Exploring myself as a system has completely changed my life; it helped me go from lost and confused about who I was and my purpose on Earth to wielding my psychic gifts with purpose and commitment to life, which is exactly why I want to teach you all about it. 

Explore Yourself as a System e-course

Step 1

In step one, we will talk about the mindset you need to be successful at fully understanding yourself. You will be guided through activities to find and name your superpower so that you can clearly see superpowers in yourself and in others.

The purpose of this module is to make sure you understand what thinking about yourself as a system is all about so that you can thrive and master your psychic abilities.

Step 2

In step two, we are going to be doing a personal gap analysis where you will look at your current state and your desired state so you can see where you are, where you want to be, and naturally how to get there will become clear. In the ancient times of Atlantis and Lemuria, this was common practice. So, an ancient part of you already knows how to do this. We will also talk about everything you need to know before you start looking at yourself, like toxic positivity and the growth zone.

Step 3

In step three, you’re going to create a tangible action plan by identifying what type of gaps exist between where you are now and where you are going, when it comes to mastering your superpower with ease. Having a tangible action plan will 100% help you go from lost and confused about what your purpose is here on Earth to wielding your psychic gifts with purpose.

Clarity in our purpose was easier in those times, before the great deluge.

Next Steps

Those who complete this e-course will be invited to attend the workshop on Transforming Trauma into Superpowers. 

Only those who complete the workshop are then invited to participate in a 3 day in-person retreat

Those who participate in the retreat are invited to facilitate.

I work with those who have also chosen to live…

here on Earth.

You’ll get: 

Instant & lifetime access to 3 steps teaching you how to identify and move past roadblocks at each phase of superpower activation. 

Downloadable and printable worksheets you can use to put what you’ve learned into action. 

An invitation to an in-person or virtual workshop where you can go deeper in a group setting while building community of others who have chosen to live. 

Is it actually possible to wield
your psychic gifts with ease?

In the photo shows me, Christy and my best friend, Kindra at a high moment of our magical friendship. 

She and I have learned to play and adventure together through the use of tangible psychic gifts. 


The Explore Yourself as a System e-course
teaches my 3 Step proven
process & it works even if:

  • You want to be a superhero but you have no clue where to begin.
  • You know what your superpowers are but you haven’t been able to continually access them.
  • You’ve had psychic abilities your whole life.

But above all else; joining the Explore Yourself as a System e-course will result in you having 

  1. A fully tangible action plan capable of boosting your psychic abilities.
  2. A 3 step strategy you can return to time and time again. 
  3. A framework for identifying superpowers in yourself and in others. 
  4. A strategy for keeping yourself on track for living on Earth with purpose. 

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