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Exit the Matrix

In 5 Simple Steps

Getting out of the Matrix is a continual process of intentional practice. It’s not as easy as taking a pill.

Step 1 – Understand the Rules

Step 2 – Stop Policing the Rules

Step 3 – Stop Following the Rules

Step 4 – Reflect to Others when they Police the Rules

Step 5 – Surround Yourself with Others Not Following the Rules


What is the Matrix?

The Matrix is a self-policing system created by the few with the most wealth and power to keep the majority of people beneath them and beneath their power.

The Matrix is a system of social norms which promote co-dependency, manipulation, fear and control.

It has very specific rules which use REAL science to control, monitor and enforce these rules.

Social norms dictate what is and what is not acceptable in a given culture. Those in power have discovered that they can influence social norms on subtle levels by inserting discreet cues that promote the disempowerment of the people and feed their power. They insert these cues through media (TV, movies and news).

As media and news continue to expand globally, so does the Matrix.

There are 5 simple steps you can use to identify the Matrix and therefore get out of it.


Step 1 ~ Understand the Rules

  • We cannot step away from that which we cannot see. So the first step is to increase one’s awareness of the matrix.

  • The Matrix has very specific rules. They are designed to control through fear, guilt and shame.

  • When we notice the feelings of fear, guilt and shame, we can examine them more closely. When do you feel these? Why do you feel them? What did someone else say to trigger these feelings?

  • Our own emotions happen in a natural rise and fall. They do not shift suddenly.

  • When we feel one of these feelings suddenly, it is not our own emotion.

Tool: Examine Emotions that Appear Suddenly

  • When we notice the sudden feeling of fear, guilt or shame, it’s our first que of the Matrix programing.


Step 2 ~ Stop Policing the Rules

  • A natural side-effect of feeling trapped is trying to trap others in rules we don’t even believe in. This is our subconscious trying to control our external environment in an attempt to alter the internal environment.

  • Trying to trap others by enforcing the rules we feel trapped within, is the way our subconscious mind tries to tell us that we are feeling trapped.

  • You see, we cannot simply get out of the trap, we first need to be aware of the trap.

Tool: Police Ourselves

  • When we catch ourselves at the moment we’re about to verbally police someone else with the rules of the Matrix, and instead we look within ourselves, we start to rapidly wake up from the Matrix.


Step 3 ~ Stop Following the Rules

  • Through social norms, society at large has decided how, when, and why we ought to behave.

  • What if we were to decide how, when and why we behave solely based on what we want to do or what truly feels right for us? What would this look like? What does it look like in our lives when we have decided this?

Tool: Internal Validation

  • When we stop looking for external validation and shift to internal validation, we no longer prioritize fitting into social norms. We are then free to do what feels good to us.


Step 4 ~ Reflect to Others when they Police You

  • When we start to exit the Matrix, the majority of the people we’re around are still inside the Matrix.

  • We can help them get out and help ourselves stay out by reflecting to them their own trap.

  • The rules of the Matrix often gas light, bypass, or outright discredit emotions. Emotional facts are real and accurate factors in decision making. Emotional facts are how we or someone else feels in the moment.

Tool: Use Closed Ended Questions to Gently Point at the Matrix Programing.

  • Do you feel unable to (insert action they directly or indirectly tell you not to do)?

  • Do you find it difficult to (insert positive thing you would do instead of policing someone else)?


Step 5 ~ Surround Yourself with Others Not Following the Rules

  • There are others out there who are in the same place as us. When we let go of control of the Matrix, others will police us more, but we will also be easier for those also out of the Matrix to see.

Tool: Find Communities Centered Around Shared Values

  • Those who have made an intentional shift to center their life around their values are often in communities or groups which are centered around shared values. Finding one person you resonate with in a group may lead you to “your people.”


Getting out of the Matrix is a continual process of intentional practice. It’s not as easy as taking one pill, just once.

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