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Quantum Shamanism

Navigating the waking dream

What is Quantum Shamanism?  

Quantum Shamanism is the name for what we’re all doing. I am not “coining” this term, I have channeled this term from the future. My guides have spoken this term to me multiple times and have expressed details on how the polarities of spirit and science come together in the future to become Quantum Shamanism. There will be a time when the term Quantum Shamanism is commonly used, understood and practiced by everyone.

Quantum Physics and Shamanism are merging to become Quantum Shamanism. In this blog, I will explain what this is and how it is different than traditional Shamanism and traditional Quantum Physics. The information has come to me purely from my spirit guides as I practiced what they taught me as Quantum Shamanism.


Shamanism, in the sense of Quantum Shamanism, is the aspect of removing the self from inner wisdom and knowledge. One cannot own wisdom or knowledge. Western culture values the individual self, the independent self. This fierce independent individuality, when out of balance can become entitlement, steam rolling, and gas lighting. Shamanism, in the sense of Quantum Shamanism, is here to offer a humble understanding of one’s personal role in a collective consciousness.

The key aspect of Shamanism, that my guides address here in this blog, is present in all Indigenous cultures. This is the understanding of self in relation to inner wisdom and guidance. Shamanism holds a deep practice in removing the negative ego which attaches to taking credit for the retrieval of wisdom and knowledge. In Shamanic Belief, all wisdom and knowledge is present, waiting, and simply exists for anyone to witness.

The Bridge Between the Waking State and the Dream State

Through Shamanic journey, one sends their energy and focus down through the heart center, and down into their power center where their power place is located. The feeling of safety radiates in one’s own personal power place and it is from this place where a person practicing Shamanism can speak to their own personal wisdom council. This wisdom council is made up of all a person’s loving spirit guides, spirit helpers, and angels. From this space of safety and love, the human asks questions. The answers come from the guides as a collective voice or from individual guides.

This is the practice of Shamanism in its most simplistic form. And as you can see, the answers come from within, yet still outside of one’s individualistic self. For this reason, Shamanism brings to Quantum Shamanism, a deep understanding of the spaces where we are all one, yet we are still individuals within a group. If you look at the flower of life, what is the finite difference between the seed and the flower? This difference is the medicine Shamanism brings to Quantum Shamanism. 


Quantum, in the sense of Quantum Shamanism, brings the multidimensional tangibility to energetic work. Through an illustration of real scientific principles, a Shamanic Journey can look and feel like real science fiction and fantasy movies or novels. The more you learn about Quantum Mechanics while you practice shamanic journey, the more illustrations available to your spirit guides, spirit animals, and angels for them to communicate clear messages to you of the complexities of the energy happening in a situation you inquire about. The more we study science, the greater clarity the messages can be because we have a real and tangible understanding of the rules of the energetic world in which to make sense of the messages from spirit.

Think of Nikola Tesla. His fascination with Ancient Egypt is widely known, so it’s not a great leap to think he may have had a deep practice of accessing information from a place within, yet outside of himself.


Quantum Shamanism is the place where we each see ourselves with the same capabilities as Nikola Tesla had to tap into technologies of both the past and the future. Seeing myself as an equal to this “great and wise man” is how I, while practicing Quantum Shamanism, was guided to make and use copper crowns as powerful energetic tools for maintaining energetic boundaries and facilitating the ability to feel subtle energies tangibly. Read here to learn about how that manifested, so that you can see an example on how to practice Quantum Shamanism.

In conclusion, Quantum Shamanism is what we practice to enter and operate from The Waking Dream; where we can navigate through quantum realities in real, daily life, holding a space for multiple truths to exist.

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