6 Gauge Copper Crown – Headgear (6GCC-HG)



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6 Gauge Copper Crown – Headgear (6GCC-HG)

Your 6 Gauge Copper Crown Headgear (6GCC-HG) can teach you how to master control over your subtle energy, but you have to do the actual work to achieve this mastery. In this blog, I will talk about the process to receiving a 6GCC-HG: the inner work to prepare, the process of receiving and the first 6 months of working with your crowns as a magical tool.

Wearing Your 6 Gauge Copper Crown Headgear (6GCC-HG)

This is not a decoration nor cosplay item. This is the most powerful magical tool created through me. 6 gauge copper wire is EXTREMELY thick. It is extremely difficult to bend and must be done with precision; the smallest kink in the wrong place leaves the metal completely unusable. I choose high grade, dead soft, 100% pure copper wire.

When you wear your 6 Gauge Copper Crown Headgear, you are putting a thick piece of hard wire on your face – you’re putting a powerful electrical object on your skull, next to your brain and in-fact, caging your prefrontal cortex. Each and every person receiving a 6GCC-HG must understand and uphold the seriousness of this.

Why is wearing a 6GCC-HG so serious?

The 6GCC-HG allows a person more conscious ability to write their own neural pathways (how your brain remembers and stores data and the connections it makes linking various data sets). It is imperative that writing one’s own neural pathways is done consciously and intentionally when wearing a 6GCC-HG or one could groove in undesired pathways.

For example, my 6GCC-HG always has me take it off if I am in a state of overwhelm, crying, freaking out or angry. It only wants to be worn on my face when I am aligned and balanced with my most authentic self, so that it can help me strengthen those qualities.

In the PHYSICAL sense, receiving a 6GCC-HG is putting a chunk of thick, hard metal on your head and allowing it to form to your skull over time.

In the ENERGETIC sense, receiving a 6GCC-HG is giving you access to re-write the neural pathways in your brain.

In the SPIRIT sense, receiving a 6GCC-HG is aligning fully with your own energy and blocking out the energy of others while remaining open to spirit guidance.

Warnings and Unknown Danger if Used Improperly

A release of responsibility is signed each time someone receives a 6GCC-HG. This is new technology and the scope of negative side effects if used improperly is – quite simply – unknown at this point in time.

I first tested this product on myself before making them for others. Each 6GCC-HG comes with a warning packet with information on topics such as copper toxicity. Basically, the safety of this item fully depends on your connection with the crown and with your spirit guides. For example, I often wonder what would happen if I’m driving with my copper crown on my face and my airbag goes off? If I am listening to my crown, I trust that I will have stopped to take off my crown while driving before an accident, or that wearing my crown may prevent me from being in an accident. But I know that I am truly safe only when I intentionally listen to my crown and honor it as a magical tool.

Receiving Your 6 Gauge Copper Crown Headgear (6GCC-HG)

All 6GCC-HG must be received in-person here in my home in Portland, OR. Your crown will be made before you arrive.

Upon arrival, we will chat and connect over tea. This helps us prepare for the crown fitting, because the stronger the connection between you and I, the more easily my guides can communicate with your guides. While you sit in silent meditation and focus on receiving your 6GCC-HG as a bad ass magical tool and the most beautiful tinfoil hat, I will be working with my spirit guide to form the thick and hard piece of metal to smoothly fit your face.

This process takes anywhere from 1hr to 5hrs depending on how prepared you are to receive your 6GCC-HG. Guidance on how to prepare will be given to you when your application has been officially accepted.

6 Months to Fully Integrate with Your 6GCC-HG – Coaching & Support

The 6 months after receiving your crown, you will be guided through the process of beginning this advanced energetic self-mastery. You will receive a printed guidebook with activities and inspirational ideas. I will be with you along this journey through 2 text check-ins per month. This ensures accountability and support for you during your process of fully integrating with your 6GCC-HG. Each month comes with information on both the Spirit elements and the Scientific elements so that you can effectively practice Quantum Shamanism and navigate quantum realities with skill.

The guidebook covers the following topics

Month 1) Integration – Building a relationship with your 6GCC-HG through intentional connection.

Month 2) Listening to your copper crown – How to psychically ask questions, wait for answers, and accurately interpret the answers from your 6GCC-HG.

Month 3) Dowsing with your copper crown – Working with your 6GCC-HG to find objects, people or paths.

Month 4) Sorting out the trauma voice – Getting clear on what energy is and isn’t your most authentic expression of self.

Month 5) Telepathy – Translating the trauma chatter in your head into real tangible and audible psychic messages.

Month 6) Crystal Upgrade – Finding out if your 6GCC-HG is ready for a crystal upgrade through shamanic journey to your crown and to the crystals to find out when, why and what crystals.

Text check-ins 2x per month

Using an energetically secure app, we will check-in on the 11th and the 22nd of each month. These are strong portal days in numerology and I’ve found them to be the most potent days to work with a 6GCC-HG.

Pre-requisites to receiving a 6GCC-HG
The Process Created by SPIRIT to Ensure your Success & Safety Working with a 6GCC-HG

This intense process of receiving a 6GCC-HG has been created by spirit for you to ensure your success and safety using such a powerful tool. It also maintains the integrity of those who are able to and do have a 6GCC-HG. This is to respect the continual inner work each individual has done and is doing to use such a tool. Once you have fully integrated with your 6GCC-HG, you will gain access to a community of others who are also committed to a path of inner growth and mastery. 

1 Year Waitlist for the 6GCC-HG

The 6 Gauge Copper Crown Headgear is on a 1yr waitlist. In addition, there is an application process for this devise where you show that you are ready to receive this energetic tool from spirit and are prepared to work with your 6GCC-HG.

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