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3rd Eye Lemurian Copper Circlets

Lemuria, the ancient society of the Divine Feminine; the magic of emotion, love, unity and the masters of adaptivity.

Were you Lemurian once upon a time?

If you’re a descendant of Lemuria, you’re probably so connected to your past lives then that you don’t even consider yourself a “descendant of,” you just simply consider yourself “Lemurian.”

When I think of a Lemurian that’s fully come into their own personal style, I think of Cyberpunk Mermaids.

This is because of the three Lemurian Core Values:

1) Embodiment

2) Fluid Motion

3) Harmony with the self (to merge with technology)

In this blog, I will go into greater detail on each of these Lemurian core values in relation to a 3rd Eye Lemurian Copper Circlet.

While Atlanteans accessed ancient wisdom to make the external world electrical and actually powered the world with free energy, Lemurians were simply about being electrical. Lemurians don’t need to access ancient wisdom, they just are that wisdom. They focused on creating a symbiotic relationship with technology so that they could merge with it.

The 3rd Eye Lemurian Copper Circlet

Hi, I’m Christy, The Telepathic Time Traveler and owner of Earth Magick Copper Crowns (E=mc^2). Every single copper crown in the E=mc^2 Shop is the physical result of what has been created through me, from going deep within and re-remembering copper electrical tools that were common in the times of Atlantis (ancient Egypt) & Lemuria. I make these copper ascension tools so that others can do the same and we can co-create a world we all want to live in.


Lemurians know what they want and they know it’s possible to get what they want. They are master manifestors. They make things happen. This is often why they need a lot of recharge time. Like a writer working on a book, so much of their actual work happens under the surface. This is how they smoothly manifest their greatest desires in the material world. And that’s exactly how the 3rd Eye Lemurian Copper Circlets were created, a Lemurian asking me what I could create.

3rd Eye Lemurian Copper Circlet Design

While spirit made the actual design, this design was actually completely inspired by one of my customers on Etsy. They told me exactly what they wanted. “I want something where I can put a different type of crystal for my different moods or energy purposes,” and “Can you make something that doesn’t need straps?” So here we go, that’s how the Lemurian 3rd Eye Copper Circlet came into being.

Mix & Match Gear Slot Charms:

Gear Slot Charms come in a variety or crystal types, crystal shapes and quality of crystals.

Doesn’t need straps if your hair is in a pony tail:


Lemurians are often thought of in Mermaid form. This is because Lemurians are fluid intuitive beings. They bring forth the wisdom of just knowing. They know themselves well and they can read others seamlessly. Lemurians kept the world flowing through song, dance and movement.

A Lemurian 3rd Eye Copper Circlets fits well (aka gets stuck in your hair) so that it can move with you. This item can be worn for long periods of time, which is important because it’s very delicate and the wrong move could ruin the whole thing forever.

But yeah, telling a Lemurian not to flow until their item is somehow broken just isn’t a thing I want to do. So, that’s another bonus to the gear slot; if your circlet gets crushed, you can buy another one and if you lose a charm, you can buy another one.

This is why I tried to keep the prices much lower than the Atlantean 3rd Eye Copper Crowns. Because I know you, Lemurian, and you’re probably gonna break shit through your process of connecting with it. So, you can mix, match and lose shit all you want and let is re-appear at the divine moment when you wanted to wear that specific Gear Slot Charm once again.

3) HARMONY w/ THE SELF (to merge with technology)

Simply put, Lemurians are into themselves. This isn’t ego, this is their devotion to self-love and pride in being fully who they naturally are.

They are in harmony with themselves and therefore can easily merge with technology. If you are Lemurian, you may be so good at playing a game, that you  become the game. This can be a computer game, or this could be the game of life, navigating astral space.

What is Skin Effect?

You know how your guides give you chills on your skin or through your spine when your intuition is spot on? Well, did you know that this IS science and it’s called SKIN EFFECT!! These chills happen through alternating currents. They communicate information to you from other energies in the universe.

Nikola Tesla’s amazing discovery was alternating currents – AC electricity. Alternating currents are a form of electrical energy which flows in both directions. Chills are not always your guides or Spirt because anyone can communicate on alternating currents. So, make sure you are clear on what questions you ask, who you’re asking, and who is responding.

Your guides can help clarify that information, just make sure to ask before amusing it’s the universe you speak to and responds to you. I like to start off my communication with “Okay, Universe, prove to me…blah” Or “F#ck you Universe, tell me…blah!!”

This is an electrical object

The 3rd Eye Lemurian Copper Circlet has all the electrical components needed to transmit and receive alternating currents. Merging with your circlet is merging with technology. Working with crystals is merging with technology.

You’re already merging with technology, aren’t you?

Well, wearing your new 3rd Eye Lemurian Copper Circlet will facilitate greater clarity of your intuitive messages. It will increase the tangibility of skin effect. And it will keep your toroidal sphere active and spinning. When we’re merged with technology, we are empowered to fully embody this earth vessel of ours.

3D Printed Altar Stand

This cute little 3D printed triangle stand is meant for you to be able to display your circlet on a self or an altar. The stand is in the shape of a triangle because this is the sacred symbol for water. Look at the other ways triangle shows up to represent water.

If the 3D printed triangle stand doesn’t resonate with you as the way you want to display your circlet, feel into what’s best and do that. The important thing here is that you have something that works well for you and keeps your circlet protected. I had a really beautiful circlet sitting on a desk and my cat knocked down something right on-top of it and the copper crushed, destroying the circlet. 

Pre-made donation based crowns for self-identifying low-income Lemurians

If you are currently low-income, pre-made crowns are available. These are a choose your own price with a pre-selected minimum. The crystals on these circlets are NOT charms and they CANNOT be moved onto any other jewelry. They have one crystal which is completely fixed to the circlet. This crystal may have small flaws or it simply just wanted to be on a circlet by itself and didn’t want to be a charm.

Fitting – 4 easy steps

1) The crystal sits at your third eye
Line up the crystal between your eyebrows, like in the photo.

2) The copper arches paste across your forehead like additional eyebrows
If the crystal is in the correct place, the copper arches will magically fit your face perfectly. If they do not fit perfectly, you’ve got the crystal in the wrong place.

3) Straps tie in back to secure the circlet on your head
When the circlet looks good and feels good, tie the straps in the back. The circlet should be comfortable and secure. If there’s every any physical pain when wearing this item, your circlet is communicating to you to take it off, so take it off.

4) Small adjustments to the copper as needed
There will be a 2-week integration period where you and your circlet learn each other. You may need to make slight adjustments to the circlet for comfort. Never mash or bash your expensive energy tool onto your face to get it to fit. Only make the tinies adjustments at a time. A little goes a long way.

The Lemurian Copper Necklace is all about speaking one’s truth. As a Lemurian, you probably like to talk. But speaking is smoother when you’re feeling safe. At times we feel afraid to set boundaries or to speak our truth. Sometimes we just need to tell others to back off and go f#ck themselves. Other times, we need to articulate more clearly what our own experience is so that others can better understand where we are coming from.

This copper necklace was designed to help strengthen our throat chakra in times where we feel silenced or mute.

This item reminds us that the words are there and come smoothly when we feel safe.

Physical Pain Warning ~

I have a herniated disk in my neck and sometimes it acts up. I noticed that when this pain was present and I wore this necklace, it actually make the pain worse. So, keep that in mind with this tool. This is an actual electrical object. Copper direct energy. As in the case with my neck pain, I needed energy and tension to move out of my neck, not to my neck. So having my necklace on was actually not a good idea for me that day. Just listen to your body, always! If anything hurts, take it off. Because it’s telling you something. I needed to sit in silence and ponder that day, not speak my truth.
It’s crucial to think about the intention of each copper jewelry piece at the E=mc^2 Shop before wearing it and always feel into what your body wants and needs.


Connecting to your Lemurian Past Life

Do you channel your Lemurian past-life? How connected to Lemuria do you feel right now? Keep an eye out for me neck blog on How I tapped into my Lemurian past-life.

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