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The Crystal to Heal the Ancient Trauma of Drowning;

For past life healings of Atlantis & Lemuria 

 What’s your relationship to WATER?

Water exists in many forms: still, rushing, waves, rain drops, etc. Now, notice the feelings that came up for you with each of those words related to water… as the water builds, what happens inside of you?

For me, water is soothing when it is still. However, when it is in motion, there’s an edge to my skin and an awareness I don’t want to turn off. In the psychology field, my response to moving water is called hyper-vigilance. The feelings of fear, recorded in my DNA are activated by sounds of rushing water.

Do you have dreams with waves of water approaching or landing at the shore?

I’ve had a variety of reoccurring wave dreams since I was a small child. Do you have these too? Or perhaps water has always made you uneasy and there’s no seemingly significant event in your current life which would point to trauma with water? Or do you just feel connected to ancient Lemuria and/or Atlantis?

These, as you might know, are the first keys to an ancient past life awakening.

These videos by Universe Inside You on Sunken Cities activated memories of my Lemurian past life trauma, caused many downloads and gave me a place to start healing the death of the version of me still struggling in Lemuria. Maybe it could activate something in you too?

AQUAMARINE ~ The Frequency to heal trauma of drowning

Aquamarine holds the frequency of the sea.

Aquamarine is here to help us heal the ancient trauma from the great deluge.

Similar to scrying with Obsidian, hidden meanings of reality are reflected in the sea-like reflection of Aquamarine. These messages can be reflected into our third eye with this crystal placed between the eyebrows, allowing one to see beyond what’s in front of them to access wisdom from the long forgotten past. In the ancient times of Lemuria and Atlantis, there were no vast oceans of intense confusion – only clear, peaceful seas. Tapping into the water’s clarity was easier in those times, before the great deluge. There is a part of each of us still drowning in Atlantis or Lemuria. This affects us now. Clearing the channel to that lifetime naturally eases the lingering memories of trauma.

Using COPPER & CRYSTALS to Clear the Channel to Atlantis & Lemuria

Each of us who experienced that cataclysmic event has knowledge and wisdom from that lifetime which can help us NOW. We have infinite access to the version of us in Atlantis or Lemuria right now.

Aquamarine has volunteered to be one of 2 crystals in the first collection of Atlantean 3rd Eye Copper CRWONS and Lemurian 3rd Eye Copper CIRCLETS in 2022. These tools will help people access smooth and clear communication with past lives in Atlantis or Lemuria. Each piece of Aquamarine has been worked with intentionally to unlock this one specific potential.

The Atlantean 3rd Eye Copper Crown with AQUAMARINE.

Inside you, lays knowledge of science and technology that today’s people would call science fiction or magic. But it is true science, you know this in your bones.
Those using this tool have assistance in tapping into their past life in Atlantis, the ancient society of the Divine Masculine; the magic of science, math, structure and the masters of friction.


The Lemurian 3rd Eye Copper Circlets with AQUAMARINE.

Inside you, lays wisdom of what it takes to be in the right place at the right time. You can flow even in face of fear, you know this in your essence to be true.
Those using this tool have assistance in tapping into their past life in Lemuria, the ancient society of the Divine Feminine; the magic of emotion, love, unity and the masters of adaptivity.



This year, in 2022, I connected with the me who was still drowning in Lemuria during a past life healing in one of my mirrored extraction / soul retrieval ceremonies. During the healing, I learned that in the times of Lemuria & Atlantis we each had a part in preparing for the great deluge. It was a known world event approaching humanity back then.

I connected with the me who was still drowning in Lemuria. She wants me to share with you now that her part of the preparations was to know the exact day it would be; she was off by 2 days.

Her prediction then was part of an intricate web of preparations for the polar shift by the Lemurians. She shared that we each have our one piece, our ONE thing that we contribute; finding that one thing is the key.

In that healing, I learned that in this lifetime, I had been confused because of the crossover with her life. Her ONE thing had been to predict the timeline of the event. That is not my ONE thing, yet in this lifetime, I’ve often felt that same pressure. Through the ceremony in which her and I connected, it became crystal clear for me that her pressure lingered and I was able to let go of that which was hers. In addition, I gained clarity on my ONE thing; my part in the whole system that is currently and unconsciously preparing for the next polar shift.

Those of us practicing quantum shamanism, are healing on quantum levels like the past life healing I just described. Working with Aquamarine intentionally can clear the channel to Atlantean or Lemurian lifetimes and naturally eases the lingering memories of trauma so that you can face them head on in ceremony.

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Use AQUAMARINE to Heal Ancient Trauma of Drowning

Use LARIMAR to complete the Ego Death from the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria

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Use a LEMURIAN 3rd EYE COPPER CIRCLET to channel past lives in Lemuria

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