3 Simple Steps to Quantum Shamanism


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3 Simple Steps in

Quantum Shamanism

Navigating the waking dream



Getting clear on what is and isn’t my most authentic expression of self

I gather tools and a framework to see clearly inside myself as to what patterns, behaviors, beliefs, and/or thoughts come from personal wounds, family wounds, ancestral wounds, social wounds, cultural wounds, and/or societal wounds.

Shedding the old stories connected to these wounds leaves me with a solid foundation of who I am, and why I am here on earth.

I build trust with myself.

  • 1.1 ~ ISOLATION: Moving myself outside of the Matrix.
  • 1.2 ~ DISCERNMENT: Being in reflection.
  • 1.3 ~ BOUNDARIES: Here are my clear boundaries, I can express needs, wants and desires.


Remaining grounded while channeling high levels of knowledge (from other people, beings, animals and spirits)

I now have some tools and several frameworks which have given me a foundation of who I am and why I am here on earth.

I build trust with the universe and the process so that I can discover what I came to here to do how I naturally do this thing.

I learn about my own unique super power and how to tap into this more fully by building momentum through the practical application of tools.

  • 2.1 ~ DISCOVERING: Instead of taking someone else’s prescription, I discover how to apply those tools and concepts in my own way, knowing there are many different ways up the mountain.
  • 2.2 ~ APPLYING: Identifying the space between where I am and where I want to be, intentionally applying tools to my life so that I can fill that space.
  • 2.3 ~ PRACTICING: Giving myself permission to fuck up, because if I’m not falling, I’m not climbing outside of my comfort zone. The Learning Process: Apply, Reflect, Adjust – Repeat!


Sharing my knowledge and wisdom with others so that I can be a powerhouse of support. 

I am an Earth Alien, I bring the future intothe present by holding a frequency that is a common, united, planetary norm in the future on this planet.

  • 3.1 ~ LIVING VALUES: Authentically expressing my values through the actions I take day to day.
  • 3.2 ~ EMBODY: I am the testimony of the foundation I have intentionally set into my way of being.
  • 3.3 ~ COMMUNITY: I’m holding the frequency of my highest self, so that I can grow with others.

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