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And when you get there

And when you get there,
the words that have been failing you to describe what you’ve been looking for will seem obsolete and unnecessary.

Stillness will take center stage and all the reaching for a better tomorrow will melt away. 

You will meet your creator and she is you. 
You will feel your mission and that is to surf the waves of presence, and let presence twist and lace itself through your ordinary. 
You will wonder why showing up was so difficult and why finding the key felt so elusive. 
You will get angry and throw your fists up to the sky, “Could it really have been this easy?!” 

The horse dying in ‘The Never Ending Story’ turned out to be imaginary. Watching that movie prepared us for the purposed death in all of us. The absolute melting with ego, watching it become obliterated, and realization at the end it was all a dream. It was all a necessary part of the journey out of what is known to be true and what can be felt as true in the body. 

You will realize to live from a place of certainty comes from leaning into the chaos and trusting you are held in Consciousness. The seat that you are sitting on becomes unquestioned. A part of you. Consciousness holds us and shares with us a new platform to lean into. Unwavering strength. Something to hang your hat on. 

The fleeting places in your mind you begged to be your rock and the anguish of their refusal to bend to your will, 
will seem insignificant. 
You will only reference those places when showing others where you came from. 

There is nothing to change now. 
There is nothing to improve now. 

The inability to let the sand fall to the bottom of the ocean of your mind is not punishable by the place you are reaching for.
To hate and push away your inability to reach Conscious Awareness in “This” moment is more sand you are looking through. 
It’s all a game. It’s all a dream. Don’t go back to sleep. 

There’s no Out There-out there. Fixing doesn’t live here. Trying doesn’t live here. Containing doesn’t live here. Shapeshifting to your perceived most lovable or unthreatening form doesn’t live here. You will realize the only real destruction and terror you’ve been guarding against is the one from your mind. You will learn that loving yourself is the only way to win this war and the way to neutralize the war around you. 

Nothing matters but the vividness and lucidity which will feel like water after living in the desert. Drink it up. This is the elixir you’ve been working so hard to find. Marching through the dessert of your ego only to find you had water strapped to your back the whole time.

It will seem like a cruel joke and one unworthy of repeating. The individual dilemma we all get stuck in will melt and the collective direction will become clear. There will be a place for us to step into. A clear choice of this or that. No more floundering to decide why we are here to begin with.

Nothing will seem real for some time. The battle uphill that you identified as your purpose will drop and you’ll feel empty. Nothing will fit quite right and you’ll waver back and forth; “Is this ok? Do I really get to let go of the reins?”

Let go and let life carry you. 

The end to this ego story means accepting defeat and becoming ok with you as you understand, disappearing. 
Your story is not the stability you have hastily been hanging your hat on. 

You will realize there is no good and bad, and every breath is a win. You will feel an aversion to competition with the self or other. 
There will be no automatic rewind and replay all the reasons you’re not ok. 
What we have for you is more real than anything you have experienced.
Immerse yourself in this fairytale; It’s just beginning.



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