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Isis 3rd Eye Torus Tool

The Isis 3rd Eye Torus Tool is the most dynamic tool in the E=mc^2 shop. It can be worn 3 different ways: 1) as a necklace, 2) as a bracelet, and 3) as a 3rd eye tool. In this blog, we will explore the diverse ways to wear and use this magical tool. But first we must know about the symbolism and energy of the Isis 3rd Eye Torus.

What is a Torus? 

A torus is the geometrical shape of space and time. A toroidal sphere is the shape of an energy field. Everything living has it’s own toroidal sphere.

What is a Taurus? 

Taurus is the 17th largest constellation in the sky and contains 17 stars. The Taurus constellation contains the Pleiades star cluster. In many indigenous cultures, both star cluster and constellation are referred to as the bull and the seven sisters. The taurus constellation as well as the astrological sign hold the symbol of the bull. Read more on the Taurus constellation at constellation-guide.

Taurus or Torus? & The Goddess Isis

Horus the Falcon head, Isis the cow head. The Ancient Egyptian Gods (Atlantians) had animal heads. The taurus symbol of the bull is usually depicted above the head of Isis in her crown. In the center of the Bull Symbol (Taurus), lays the red circle – the Sun Symbol (Torus).

In the Isis 3rd Eye Torus Tool:

The bone is cow bone and in the shape of the taurus symbol, connected to the Goddess Isis.

The crystal is the symbol of the sun, connected to Ra, the Sun God.

Ways to use the Isis 3rd Eye Torus Tool

As a Necklace

When the Isis 3rd Eye Torus Tool is worn as a necklace, the power is felt at the heart. From this place, one can work intentionally with this tool to consciously feel their own personal toroidal sphere moving. This tool increases your ability to activate your toroidal sphere with ease.

As a Bracelet

When the Isis 3rd Eye Torus Tool is worn as a bracelet, one can focus their inner power to a specific hand. This allows one to more smoothfully and easefully shift energy as they move their hand. Do you find yourself moving your hands when you walk or talk? Do you feel you’re shifting energy as you do this? If so, the Isis 3rd Eye Torus tool could be an interesting addition to your metaphysical gear.

As a 3rd Eye Tool

When the Isis 3rd Eye Torus Tool is worn as a 3rd eye tool, a lot depends on the crystal in the Symbolic Sun slot. The crystals whom have requested to be in the center of this tool – Kyanite, Hyperstine, Citrine & Blue Apatite – all have incredible power and an extremely high frequency. The bone around them focuses this power and brings their energy in so that you can most effectively use the energy. Kyanite, Hyperstine, Citrine & Blue Apatite are each experts in Astral Projection and Dreamwork. See below for the differences in each of these crystals.

Do NOT Wear While Asleep

While these crystals are great to wear on your 3rd eye while you sleep, DO NOT wear an Isis 3rd Eye Torus Tool while you sleep. The bone would be dangerous and uncomfortable near the eyes while a person sleeps. At Earth Magick Copper Crowns, we offer sleep masks which have pockets for crystals in the 3rd eye location so that one can work with any crystal and copper while they sleep. .

Do Wear While Awake

Do wear an Isis 3rd Eye Torus Tool on your 3rd eye while you are awake. They can be worn for as many hours as are comfortable for you. Wearing them while awake over your 3rd eye can also keep one living in the Waking Dream – the place where all things of love and harmony are possible.


Each crystal which has request to be in the sun symbol slot of the Isis 3rd Eye Tool is an expert in Astral Projection and Dreamwork but they each have 

Kyanite – the light and wispy frequency of air traveling on speedways of light. 

Hyperstine – the strong and dense feeling of metal traveling electrically through strands of light. 

Citrine – the sharp and loud rays of light upon light, upon light traveling all together, swirling through the universe. 

Blue Apatite – the true stone of the Goddess Isis. Raw feminine nurturing power traveling through time and space on strands of blue light. 

Each crystal is in the shape of a hexagon. This shape represents the divinity of nature. 

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