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What is The Waking Dream?

The Waking Dream is the space where quantum potential is maximized. Quantum possibilities are easily seen; time is slow, energy is seen down to the smallest molecule with your physical eyes open. Molecules move slowly through the air. It’s using your 3rd eye abilities with your eyes open, not shut. There is an ultimate presence of your mind and body fully in the present moment.

Physically Speaking – The Waking Dream is…

Physically Speaking – The Waking Dream is a place where people live when they are not afraid and see life and make decisions from a place of safety, security and abundance. In Shamanism, there is a place called Middle World: the energetic version of the physical world and is overlaid onto the physical world. Those in the Waking Dream can simply see both worlds with their eyes open. They see both the physical and the energetic overlaid on top of it. There’s a growing amount of people living in the Waking Dream and navigating quantum realities.

Scientifically Speaking – The Waking Dream is…

Scientifically Speaking – The Waking Dream is the Quantum Critical State. Condensed matter physics is the field of physics that deals with the microscopic and the macroscopic physical properties of matter. As you can see in the image, there is the Ordered State and the Disordered State. To maximize our energetic potential, we want to be in the Quantum Critical State that falls between the other two. This Quantum Critical State is The Waking Dream.

Metaphysically Speaking – The Waking Dream is…

Metaphysically Speaking – The Waking Dream is the space between Dream and Wake. It is where we are both asleep and awake living our lives. Our bodies are in a relaxed state, which allows us to see more positive potential in our ability for daily decision making. We easily see past our own trauma and the trauma responses of others and know what is truth. Living in The Waking Dream keeps us out of False Realities because we don’t respond to trauma behavior, we see past it, and reply to truth. This allows us to choose the reality we wish to be in. And this conscious choice on how we respond allows us to choose our own realities.

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The Waking Dream

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