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How to make Spirit Tools

Hi, I’m Christy, owner of Earth Magick Copper Crowns, I make intentional energy tools with copper, crystals and other natural materials. In this article, I will share with you how to make energetic spirit tools, what makes an item a spirit tool, and the very importance difference between making a Spirit Tool for yourself versus making one for another person.

What makes an item a Spirit Tools?

A spirit tool is an item intentionally created with the energetic help of spirit, allowing a spirit guide to create a tool through one’s own body. In Shamanic belief, a strong connection with a spirit guide brings us the power and wisdom embodied in that animal. The process of allowing the spirit to make the tool, removes one’s own personal ego from the creation process. This allows the creation to become what it wants to become, rather than the creator forcing their will and desires onto the creation.

Becoming the Hallow Bone

To make a Spirit Tool, one must first become what in Shamanism is called the Hollow Bone. The example that was taught to me in my Shamanic training at the Heart of the Rose, was the image of a musical instrument being a hollow bone. A musical instrument is basically a hollow tool; it just allows us to play music through it. But the next level of this, is becoming the hollow bone ourselves, so that spirit can play music through us. So, that’s how it works with music. And in the same way, I’ve applied this hollow bone principle to my creative business making spiritual tools for other people.

Merging with Your Spirit Guide

The shamanic process of calling in a spirit guide to help us create is called ‘merging with your guide.’ This is a sacred and powerful process of connecting on the deepest level with a spirit guide. This isn’t a one-time action, it’s an ability cultivated through building an intimate connection with an animal spirit guide. 

When we merge with our spirit guides to make spirit tools for others, we infuse the general lessons about this particular animal into the tool. Therefore, any person with a spirit guide of this animal can feel the power from that animal and have the power awoken within them through a process of re-rememory.

For example, when I merge with Elk Spirit to create an Elk Spirit Friend Necklace, the wisdom and lessons of Elk in general are infused into the creation. Any person who also has an Elk Spirit Guide can feel and learn from the lessons that were infused through vibration during the creation of this spirit tool.

I was guided to understand that each spirit guide is us in a past life when we were that specific animal. So, on the other hand, when we make Spirit Tools for ourselves, we infuse the personal lessons we learned from the lifetime of whatever animal guide we’re merged with.

So, from seeing this difference, you might be starting to feel the importance of keeping one’s personal energy and lessons out of the experience of making a Spirit Tool for others. As well as seeing the potential for possible negative and undesired consequences if someone makes a Spirit Tool for someone else while having unhealthy energetic boundaries.

Knowing what Energy is Authentically You and what is Not!

It is CRUCIAL to be as Clear as possible when making Spirit Tools for others.

Being Clear does NOT mean being Positive or Happy

Being clear means being authentic. It means knowing which energy is mine and which energy is not mine. It means feeling and being present with an authentic emotion, even if that emotion is negative and even if it is positive. Not attaching nor tensing at an undesired emotion, simply being present and observing from an objective distance.

What happens if I am not clear when I make a tool for someone else?

Infusing one’s own energy into a product or a crystal for someone else feels something like when a person gives bad advice; they intended to be helpful, but the advice is probably more for them and not us, right? When our energy is put into creating stuff, it’s actually draining us, it’s really unhealthy. It can also be felt by others, in a way that’s distracting and not helpful, it doesn’t feel good to them. The intention is innocent, but intention is not the same thing as mindfully having an intention while creating a spiritual item for others to use.

Keeping it Sacred

For example, the less clear I am during the process of merging, the more my own personal lessons from my own Elk life are infused, instead of Elk as a whole. These personal lessons from my Elk Spirit Guide are for me and not for other people. Infusing them into someone else’s tool can actually harm me (or you if you are creating Spirit Tools for others). I learned from a favorite writing mentor, Alma Luz, that sharing too much of our own lessons from spirit can be like giving away power. Some of the personal lessons from animal spirit guides are just that, personal. And these person lessons are more powerful when kept sacred, internal and private. For this reason, I now understand the importance of asking my guides if a message is for myself only, or for others as well.

How to make Spirit Tools

Any spirit guide can be called on to help make a magical tool.

Making Spirit Tools for Ourselves

Making my own personal spirit tools is one of my favorite ways to integrate after important healings. When I make these tools, I often feel raw, sad, thoughtful, and closed off to others. I feel very internal and withdrawn. I can feel negative or positive, but I am focused on connecting with and nurturing aspects of myself that I had been previously neglecting.

I once asked myself why do we have more than one spirit animal? And why do some of us have different animal spirit guides and some of us have some of the same animals as guides? I was guided to the conclusion that each spirit guide was us in a past life. From our Power Place, we have access to all of the information, knowledge and wisdom we (ourselves) gained from a previous life, even one as an animal – our own section of the Akashi records.

My guides have shared that when we make Spirit Tools for ourselves, we infuse the lessons learned from the lifetime of whatever guide we’re merged with. After a Shamanic healing, a power animal is always returned with the soul piece. If you’re interested in learning more about Shamanic healing, I suggest the book Soul Retrieval

Because our individual spirit guides hold the frequency of our own personal lessons learned in a past life when we were this particular animal, we can infuse this into person tools that can remind us of the lessons we learned from the healing in which that power animal returned to us.

Making personal Spirit Tools is one way to connect deeper with a power animal. Do you have other ways you connect with your power animals?

Making Spirit Tools for Other People

And when we make Spirit Tools for other people, we infuse the general lessons about this particular animal into the tool. Therefore, any person with a spirit guide of this animal can feel the power from that animal and have the power awoken within them through a process of re-rememory.

This is the first Elk Spirit Necklace

I merge with my elk spirit guide to make the Elk Spirit Necklace Tools in the Earth Magick Copper Crowns shop. During this process of merging, I invite my Elk power animal into my body and allow him to work through me. The more clear I am during this process, the more the lessons from Elk as a whole species is infused.

It is crucial for me to maintain clarity for myself on what is me and what isn’t my most authentic expression fo self. And this is the main aspect of my intuitive business practices at Earth Magick Copper Crowns. And this allows me to be very conscious and mindful about what energy I’m allowing into a creation (energy tool), and ensuring this is only spirit energy is going into the creation and not my energy at all.

I put the Elk Spirit Necklace Tools and the Deer Spirit Necklace Tools at the bottom of this page so you can browse from here. 

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