What Exactly is a MORNING PRACTICE Anyway?



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What Exactly is a Morning Practice Anyway?

This question has consumed me for several years. Especially while I’ve been trying to cultivate my own morning practice. For the past two years, having a constant morning flow has felt impossible post covid contraction. But TODAY, the answers finally reveal themselves through a clarity I am thankful for. I’m so excited to share this spirit guidance with you in this blog.

What is a Morning Practice?

A morning practice is a cultivation of an ability to weave the dream space into the waking space, so that one can live in the waking dream.

In 2017, a few run-ins with a very psychic homeless man lead me to quit my full-time professional job to return to school for creative writing (at Antioch University, Los Angeles) and take a 9 month Shamanic Life Program (at Heart of the Rose in Portland, OR).

During that time, I intuitively found this practice of cultivating an ability to weave the dream space into the waking space to naturally develop within myself over those couple years and lived primarily in the waking dream space. I could see and feel energy tangibly during the day and easily navigate quantum realities in the Waking Dream.

But suddenly in 2020, it all changed for me. I contracted covid early on; fatigue and confusion were continual from 2020 to 2022. My nervous system was fried for 2 solid years of chaos. Today, however, the answers finally come as the covid brain-fog lifted after only 2 doses of Ivermectin and a few weeks of doxycycline.

Today EVERYTHING is clear and the meaning of all the chaos has settled into a more solid understanding of who I am as a magical being and how to explain subtle energy more clearly.


Okay, so, how do we get back to the Waking Dream? Well, first we must understand the waking dream!

What is the Waking Dream?

The Waking Dream is the space where quantum potential is maximized. Quantum possibilities are easily seen; time is slow, energy is seen down to the smallest molecule with your physical eyes open. Molecules move slowly through the air. It’s using your 3rd eye abilities with your eyes open, not shut. There is an ultimate presence of your mind and body fully in the present moment.

How do we get to the Waking Dream?

Today it’s become clear that a morning practice is simply a tool to bring one’s self into the Waking Dream State. There is a space, which I will refer to as Khora, where our bodies are asleep and our mind is awake. Khora is the most potent space for creating our realities through intention. It is the key moment in-between sleep and awake where we can do our most potent healings, harmonic cultivation, and DNA alignments. This space is most easily tapped into during the morning because our physical bodies are already in a relaxed state and on autopilot for healing and then our minds begin again to come back online.

While asleep, our bodies naturally heal themselves. By bringing conscious awareness into that natural healing, we heal ourselves on quantum levels. Furthermore, in the morning space of Khora in particular, we can weave this feeling of safety and ultimate healing into our waking day; pulling us into the Waking Dream Space.

A morning practice in it’s most basic form is staying in Khora intentionally, and intentionally healing in this space until one has entered the Waking Dream, and only then, starting their day from this place of safety and quantum atunement.

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