Intuition and Speaking to Inanimate Objects



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Intuition and Speaking

to Inanimate Objects

Hey, it’s Christy at Earth Magick Copper Crowns. I’m here today to talk about INTUITION! What intuition means and feels like. And within that, I’ll also address talking to inanimate objects and spirits.

My Crown just Kicked Itself off my Head

So, I am here at Pacific Fire Gathering right now on the Oregon coast in this beautiful, beautiful space and my crown has just kicked itself off my head. It was like “you don’t need me here.” And yeah, it’s right! There’s all this energy here that is very pure, that wants to come into my body and that my body wants to allow in this energy. There are a lot of messages that I am able to receive here without my crown on and I don’t need the crown for protecting and blocking out other people’s energies.

What Does it Look Like When My Crown Talks to Me?

So what that looked like for me is that my crown really started to irritate me, it started to hurt. Usually in the city, it’s extremely comfortable and I never want to take it off. And right after getting here to the Oregon coast, I was just like… “get this thing off my head.” And so, what I want to point out with that is how we listen to the soul of other beings. My crown has a soul, it has an energetic soul. And how I listen to the soul of my crown is by listening to my own body. I feel what my body is telling me because my crown is talking to my body. And so, my body is almost like a translator, right? So we have this Earth Space ship (our body) that’s doing a whole lot of things for us. And one of those things it’s doing is translating messages from outside of our body.

Frequencies Travel on Alternating Currents, this is Telepathy

And so, scientifically how that works is that we’re all frequencies and frequencies are bouncing off everywhere. Frequencies are going around, your guides are talking to you in frequencies, other people are talking to you in frequencies, and inanimate objects are talking to you in frequencies. A lot of stuff is happening on the frequency level. And so, when we talk about energetics and on the energetic level, it’s the same thing. On the energetic level, there’s some people who are able to see the frequencies in a more tangible way, either because of their natural ability to do that or because they have been practicing doing it. And these are just skills that you can keep working at, and that get better over time, the more you do them, and the more you believe in them.

Do we really need to believe for it to be real?

But you know what, you don’t need to believe in them at first. I believed in them, but at the same time, I had doubts. I was continually like… “Oh my God, I gotta be fucking crazy, this isn’t true, is it?” But telepathy just kept proving itself to me over and over, and so… what you do is you really just tune into yourself, tap into yourself, ask yourself what’s going on in your body, what’s going on and what are you feeling?

It’s not about you or me, it’s about the connection

And if something doesn’t feel good to you, it’s probably because it doesn’t feel good to other people either. A connection works both ways!!! So there’s this stuff that’s happening, right? It’s never just one person. It’s never one person and it’s really just something that’s happening. It’s not one person doing something and another person’s not. It’s just this energy that’s happening and frequencies are happening.

Sending and Receiving Telepathic Messages

Within that, there is a sender of a message and a receiver of a message. And we flip back and forth between those two roles frequently. And in those roles, there’s different responsibilities.

For example, in low context cultures, like Japan, 80% of sentences don’t have subjects. And so, when speaking that language, it’s the responsibility of the receiver of the message to understand the message that is given. On the flip-side, in high context cultures, like America, it’s common to expect the giver of the message to have full responsibility of the clarity in how well that message is given.

And so, you know what, having lived in both countries – I lived in Japan for 3 years, and I was born and raised in America and I am back in the U.S. now, for the last 4 years – and from living in these two cultures, what I’ve noticed, or been able to adapt myself in kinda some middle ground between that. So I think about: how do I take responsibility as the receiver of the message and how do I take responsibility as the giver of the message? And where do these two things meet?

Listening to our bodies in every moment is the key to our superhuman abilities

Yeah so, basically, by listening to ourselves more deeply, we can listen to others more deeply because all the answers are inside of us – like, literally! Our bodies are feeling all of it! Whether or not you’re aware of it, or whether or not you tangibly feel it yet, that doesn’t mean that it’s not happening.

So that’s one of the things that kinda ties into the theme of superpowers; how we can listen to receiving messages on an internal level. And it really has to do with listening to what our body is telling us because the frequencies are hitting our body through alternating currents. And yeah, it’s real magick and real science and it’s just quantum physics.

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