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Elk Spirit Medicine

The Curious Warrior

Elk is the Curious Warrior because of the energy needed to do what Elk does. Elk are both part of a pack and incredibly independent. As the Otter Dance Earth Medicine beautifully puts this concept, “Elk stresses friendship and co-operation – the sense of unity that comes from belonging to a group or community.”

Elk travel in large herds while also standing proudly majestic on their own.

They bring the wisdom that pacing one’s self will increase stamina. Owning one’s own strength by indulging in quiet refreshment and reflection when universal energy is low, and to then move powerfully forward at the right moment is what Elk spirit is all about.

In community, Elk honor the company of their own gender. Same sex friendships allow them to overcome jealousy or competition. Elk bring the medicine of brotherhood and sisterhood which strengthens one’s own sense of self-love through loving their gender.

These lessons from Elk Spirit come from looking at the animal behavior in nature. Individual lessons from one’s own personal elk spirit guide come from individual experiences.

In Shamanic belief, lessons form animals are show through imagery. If you’re interested in connecting with Elk Spirit in this way, I suggest checking out these two poems by Lois Red Elk-Reed on Elk Medicine, published on Mountain Journal. Click here to read those poems. 

All spirit guides can be called upon to assist us in creating magikal tools. Stick with me to read more on how to merge with your spirit guide so that you can make powerful spirit tools for yourself and others. Read more about how to create your own spirit tools to connect with strengthen your connect with an animal spirit guide.  

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