LARIMAR ~ Complete the Ego Death from the Fall of Atlantis (& Lemuria)


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The Crystal to complete the Ego Death from

the Fall of Atlantis (& Lemuria)

The Fall of Atlantis (and Lemuria) were some of the most tragic losses to human civilization. History shows that before the great flood the entire planet most likely had an intricate system of wireless electrical free energy. Society, all societies, had flying vehicles.

What if, instead of aliens bringing this type of advanced technology, our true history is that humans before the flooding simply had reached an amazing technologically advanced state?

What rings true for you?

If this is true and it was us, humans, that means our ancestors lived here casually with unlimited wireless electrical energy and flying vehicles. If this is true, then the loss of such advanced civilization stings in our DNA each time we pay a utility bill we worked our buts off to save for. And the idea that a few hoard wealth as the rest of us flounder by the expense of something that was once openly available and accessible, flares our ego at the loss of what once was.

Some of us have filtered this flare into an appetite for dystopian media. Movies like Tank Girl, Mad Max, and 12 Monkeys are some of my favorites.

Yet, what if we are actually being controlled on an unseen level by media through this very same rebellious flare that lingers from the times of Atlantis & Lemuria?

Many of us are currently in the middle of an Ego Death from the Fall of Atlantis (and Lemuria). Completing this Ego Death can free us of the enslavement through media. Larimar is the crystal that wishes to do just this.

LARIMAR ~ The Frequency to Kill the Ego

According to Crystal Vaults, my favorite metaphysical encyclopedia, “Larimar brings the ancient wisdom of Atlantis and is the embodiment of the tranquil Sea and Sky energies.

Healing the elements of WATER & AIR

Do you bend Water, Air, Earth or Fire? Or do you bend multiple elements like the Avatar? Hi, I’m Christy, owner of Earth Magick Copper Crowns. It might not surprise you that I’m an Earth Bender, bending copper to make Copper Energy Tools. What element do you naturally resonate with? Larimar helps those who want to bend and blend the elements of Water & Air.

In Hermetic Magick:

Water the is element of EMOTION ~ linked to planning Air is the element of INTELLECT ~ linked to thinking

Can you see how blending the ability to skillfully wield these two elements could help one release the ego from The Fall of Atlantis (and Lemuria)?

Linked to the element WATER & emotion:Lemuria was the ancient society of the Divine Feminine; the magic of emotion, love, unity and the masters of adaptivity.

Linked to the element AIR & thought:Atlantis was the ancient society of the Divine Masculine; the magic of science, math, structure and the masters of friction.

Many of us had lives in both Atlantis and Lemuria. Wearing Larimar on your 3rd EYE can help one weave the mastery we obtained from those two elements. This allows us to remain balanced between emotion and intellect within ourselves. Obtaining true balance within ourselves means we do not seek balance outside of the self ~ which is the goal of Hermetic Magick as well as Quantum Shamanism.

Balancing WATER & AIR within us allows one to move with a cohesive core and take inspired action fueled by intuitive planning.

The Atlantean 3rd Eye Copper Crown with Larimar

Those using this tool have assistance in completing the ego death from the fall of Atlantis.

Inside you, lays knowledge of science and technology that today’s people would call science fiction or magic. But it is true science, you know this in your bones.


The Lemurian 3rd Eye Copper Circlet with Larimar

Those using this tool have assistance in completing the ego death from the fall of Lemuria.

Inside you, lays wisdom of what it takes to be in the right place at the right time.

You can flow even in face of fear, you know this in your essence to be true.


Balancing Polarities

Crystals Vaults also says, “Larimar is one of the cardinal Water element stones, yet is born of Fire in its volcanic origins. One of the few crystals to balance the polarities of these energies, Larimar cools tempers and calms fears, relieves stress and nurtures the physical and emotional bodies.”

Do you know the Magickal woman Nema? She’s an incredibly powerful hermetic magician whom I look up to. She predicted that consciousness will split between the AEON of Horus (where humanity plays out duality) and the AEON of Ma’at (where humanity creates a new harmonic system). She believed that these two realities will happen simultaneously.

The AEON of Horus
Seeing science and spirit as split. Operating in a reality where these two are separated.


The AEON of Ma’at
Understanding and knowing that all is spirit and therefore operates from a spiritual place. Those living in the AEON of Ma’at blend both science and spirit into quantum possibilities.

In the world today, we can see an increasingly polarized society. Does this foreshadow the dawning of the AEON of Ma’at? You can read more about polarities in my blog Comparing the AEON of Ma’at & the AEON of Horus.

We could look at skillfully wielding the elements of WATER & FIRE through the use of Larimar as THE tool we will need to live in the AEON of Ma’at.

Does an increasingly POLARIZED SOCIETY foreshadow an overdue POLAR SHIFT?

In Antioch’s business graduate program in Organizational Management, I was taught that two sides seemingly become more polarized as tensions rise, just before they merge together in a new system. Could this mean a full Harmonic Convergence? Or could this mean an actual physical pole shifting? Or what if foreshadows both?

Well, what do you think? Universe Inside You, my favorite You Tube Channel put out this video recently called The Cataclysmic Pole Shift Hypothesis – When Will It Happen Again?


The Goddess Isis shares that had Atlantis and Lemuria worked together to merge their expertise in Spirit & Science, they had the potential to not only overcome and survive, but to also thrive. Instead, they chose separate paths. That choice, to work separately, resulted in the demise of both because they both missed information that the other had, both having an incomplete picture of reality. A complete picture of reality is always both Spirit & Science.

The cycle returns and we now have the opportunity to merge the energies from

Atlantis, the ancient society of the Divine Masculine; the magic of science, math, structure and the masters of friction (The West)

– AND –

Lemuria, the ancient society of the Divine Feminine; the magic of emotion, love, unity and the masters of adaptivity (The East)

Completing the Ego Death from the Fall of Atlantis (and Lemuria) means we blend these energies within us. Living in the AOEN of Ma’at means we find others who are balanced in these areas as well.

We no longer search for others to balances us; we look for other balanced individuals.

Humanity will create a new harmonic system.

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