Deer Spirit Medicine



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Deer Spirit Medicine

Gentle Unconditional Love

Spirit Guide Communication

The general principle with spirit guides is that they each have their own unique way of communicating with us. If we both have a deer spirit guide, they will be different deers, with different looks, different energies and will communicate with us differently.

Communicating with Animal Spirit Guides

A spirit guide’s symbolism and meaning is based on your relationship to that animal. Sometimes though, I like to read about the generic qualities that all deer spirit guides have in common, because I find it can be helpful for me to either connect more deeply with an animal guide I already know well, often confirming what I’ve intuitively known, or to connect with a new animal guide that has appeared, often finding it’s symbolism matches exactly with the aspects I’m working on in my personal development.

Hi, I’m Christy, the Time Traveling Telepath and owner of Earth Magick Copper Crowns (E=mc^2). Whatever reason you’re here looking for information about deer spirit, in this blog, I will provide you with 4 tings:

    1. A short summary about this animal spirit guide.

    2. Some high vibrational resources for you to dig deeper.

    3. Tribal ways of connecting to an animal spirit guide.

    4. And Shamanic ways of connecting to an animal spirit guide.

Deer Medicine – Gentle Unconditional Love

Deer Spirit brings the wisdom that there is strength and power in gentle words and touch. Read more about deer spirit here.

These lessons from Deer Spirit come from looking at the animal behavior in nature. Individual lessons from one’s own personal deer spirit guide come from individual experiences. 

In Shamanic belief, lessons form animals are show through imagery. If you’re interested in connecting with Deer Spirit in this way, I suggest checking out the poem At Her Table by Lois Red Elk-Reed on Deer Medicine, published on Mountain Journal.

Connect with your Deer Power Animal

Where is my Animal Spirit Guide?

Animal spirit guides, often known as power animals, live in the lower world of non-ordinary reality. You can wait for them to come to you in ordinary reality, or you can take initiative and go visit them in their home. The more you visit them in their home – non-ordinary reality’s lower world – the more they are able to come visit you in ordinary reality.

This is because when we do an intentional shamanic journey to non-ordinary reality, it intentionally groves in neuro-pathways. Once we intentional create and define these pathways, spirit guides can travel easily to us in our waking life, allowing us to easily navigate the waking dream.

Connect with your power animal through Shamanic Journey

This is my favorite video resource for doing the basic intro Shamanic Journey of meeting your power animal. The guy in the video shares about what shamanic journey is and how to do the journey to meet your power animal. Then it gives you about 15 minutes of drumming to go on your journey alone.


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