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Ideas on How to Work Metaphysically with a Crystal Sphere

Through your connection with a Crystal Orb Spirit Friend, you can access and awaken your specific crystal’s unique power. At E=mc^2 we work with all Crystal Spirit Friends to pull out their unique purpose and then work with them intentionally in the metaphysical way they have requested. You can read more about our process here. You can follow this same process to work with and activate any crystal.

In this blog, we will talk specifically about Orbs and give you some ideas on how to work with your orb metaphysically. You might already have your own process which could help inspire others too. We always love hearing how others work with their magickal tools and the comments section below is a great place for this type of share.

You also might be here to get ideas and spark your own creative inspiration in working with a Crystal Sphere. Anyone can work with any crystal to awaken its magickal abilities and transform it into a Crystal Spirit Friend. In this blog, we’re going to share different ways to work metaphysically with an Orb Crystal Spirit Friend. To read about other Crystal Spirit Friends, check out this blog here. To work metaphysically with something means to blend Spirit and Science in the practice of Quantum Shamanism.

What is Scrying ~ How to Time Travel? 

Scrying is the process of asking a crystal for wisdom from the past, guidance for the present, and possibilities of the future. The first scrying took place in pools or puddles of water out in nature, giving a fluid blend of life to a mirror that holds a hint of nature as well. Later, people used mirrors tinted black or made from obsidian. As crystal spheres arrived, scrying naturally transferred as a metaphysical way one can use a crystal orb.

Crystal spheres are round orbs and are therefore connected to anything else that takes this form naturally, such as the sun, planets, and moons. Time also has the same shape in the form of a toroidal sphere. This is why a crystal sphere offers wisdom from the past, guidance for the present, and possibilities of the future, making them wonderful time traveling devices.

Check out these time traveling devices with crystal orbs.


Energetic ~ Crystal Sphere Activation

Basically, we work with orbs by activating and assisting their energy flow. Simply witnessing the energy flow of others has a powerful activation. Therefore, visualizing the toroidal sphere of a crystal orb moving starts the process of working with a crystal orb. This also activates the sphere, as if turning on a light switch. 

Physical ~ Crystal Sphere Activation

My orbs love to be thrown, twisted and to spin. You’ll often see me tossing an orb up in a spinning motion and then catching it once again. This act of playfully letting go and trusting you’ll catch the orb builds trust with both yourself and with the orb as a magical tool. The more willing you are to risk the orb completely for the sake of freely connecting, the stronger the bond between you will be. Do you see how intentionally building this pattern for connecting in a health way could transfer to your friendships or romantic connections as well?

Check out these tools that provide assistance in moving and spinning as well as adding additional protection to the crystal if/when dropped.

Astral ~ Crystal Sphere Activation

Crystal spheres love to join us during sleep. Meditating with the sphere before bed or sleeping with them can increase an orbs ability to join in your astral dream travels. Having a crystal companion for astral travels can also increase your feelings of safety in traveling and make these types of creams more likely or frequent.

Displaying & Charging

Displaying Your Crystal Sphere

How your Crystal Orb Spirit Friend is displayed is a physical manifestation and representation of your connection with the crystal. My most powerful crystal tool is my obsidian crystal orb. For years it’s been displayed on an amazing laser cut wood lotus sphere stand by Technician of the Sacred while also clearing my 6 Gauge Copper Crown – Headgear (6GCC-HG) – . Recently, at our E=mc^2 shop, we started offering 6 gauge copper Orb Platforms and 3D Printed Hexagon Crystal Stands.

The 3D Printed Hexagon Crystal Stand is one of the coolest designs I’ve seen and am so excited to offer this brilliant invention designed by the newest member of the shop. Not only is the Hexagon Stand perfect for supporting an Orb, it also has a unique ability to hold up odd shaped crystals. Now, the crystals I was once like “how the fuck am I going to display this?” can easily stand up at any angle. It’s been a next level game changer for me and I hope you appreciate them too.

Check out our options to display Crystal Sphere Spirit Friends

Charging Your Crystal Sphere

When we work with a Crystal Spirit Friend, the crystal naturally gets tired. This is especially true if and when we have a strong connection with them and do powerful work together. On occasion, these crystals need charging. Clearing crystals is a different process connected to and supported by the energy of the moon. Charging a crystal is connected to the energy of the Sun. Copper spun around a crystal charges it up. My obsidian orb I mentioned in the section just before this, well, we’ve worked so much together over the span of 4 years that for the past 9 months, this crystals has been in a copper charging tool, getting ready for the work to come.

Check out our Sphere Charging Tools

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